Week at a Glance

The week at a glance has been interesting, but what more could one expect with a short week. The students have been reading The Wednesday Wars (and they are almost since), and to help them understand the time period of the late 1960’s we’ve also been watching The Wonder Years. With the help of these resources the students have been working on connecting with different mediums and literature. It’s truly been fun to watch!

The unintended focus this year in my class has been, what it’s like to be a 7th grader. After picking my texts and looking at other resources I have been striving to have them realize that we are not alone. One of my favorite quotes is, “We read to know that we’re not alone.” That’s the one thing that I want my students to walk away from my class with the knowledge of; we’re not alone. You’re not alone. One thing that I really appreciate about The Wednesday Wars is that we’ve been able to connect it to so many current events and situations for the students that they seem to be enjoying it more than I thought they would.

I’m trying something new with this novel, (well, the novel to me is new because I’ve never taught it before) is that I’m not using a traditional study guide. The students have been answering questions that help them relate to the novel instead of things that are too specific about the text.

From a teaching standpoint, it feels like the students are getting more out of the novel because I’m not asking them to recall details about what color shoes the main character is wearing, or what state the story is taking place in. We’ve spent more time discussing what the actions, motives, and emotions are of the characters that we are reading about.

If you’d like to find out how I’ve been going out planning this unit drop a comment below and I’ll make a blog post about it.

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