Staying Sane During the Holidays (Classroom Edition)

The holidays can be roooooough! Not only for someone in a personal life, but if you’re a teacher it can make counting down the days until Winter Break feel like an E.T.E.R.N.I.T.Y! Below you’ll find my usual game plan for how to keep myself and my students sane. It’s suggested that we cover A ChristmasContinue reading “Staying Sane During the Holidays (Classroom Edition)”

Week at a Glance

The week at a glance has been interesting, but what more could one expect with a short week. The students have been reading The Wednesday Wars (and they are almost since), and to help them understand the time period of the late 1960’s we’ve also been watching The Wonder Years. With the help of theseContinue reading “Week at a Glance”

Third Time is the Charm

I’d be lying if I didn’t say creating, deciding, and designing a website/brand is a serious challenge. This is my third go around. My third site name. My third purchased page. My third, and hopefully final, attempt. Uff. My name is Kelsey and I’m 30 years young. My husband and I are getting by andContinue reading “Third Time is the Charm”